Drag the grey slider over any of the below images to see some examples of our before-and-after work. Compare a normal, single-exposure photo to the fully lit, staged, and retouched photos. If you’re on a mobile device, simply tap the images to see the difference.

Winging It!


Make shift experiment to prop up this part on table to find an angle of view that could give this product a "real presence" as well as look attractive and realistic to a potential online buyer as opposed to just laying the part on it's side on white seamless to take a typical, boring website AD shot. An afternoon sun had just come out, brightening up the table area, so I propped up a reflector fill card and snapped these few photos handheld with a point & shoot camera. 30-40 minutes in photoshop got me a dropped out white background and impressive results.

Image by Eric Neyerlin

Plastic Polishing

Hood Release Knob Refurbishing

Example of oddly textured or aged surface on a Nissan OEM plastic hood release cable knob wet sanded and quickly polished on a 3600 rpm buffing motor with a soft cotton, loose leaf buffing wheel.

With a slower speed motor and proper plastic buffing compound and/or special plastic polishing creams, a near perfect, hi-gloss finish could probably be achieved.

Image by Eric Neyerlin

Junji Sawai 300ZX


Illustration of area selection used to drop out original background replaced with a Photoshop gradated background layer.

Photographer & owner: Junji Sawai of Japan

Car Photo Editing


A contact of mine in Las Vegas, Nevada sent me this shot.

Taken at dusk, the shot had nice reflections in the paint, but imbalance of light color and intensity on car and sky brightness needed to be color corrected and brought into balance.

The edit brought the dull shot to life, but then I cheated a bit and added the rich dusk blue sky, which was not originally in the image.

Edit by Eric Neyerlin